Plan your next camping trip in a breeze

Pro Camping Planner takes the stress out by organizing all the data in one place and providing a simple communication platform with your buddies.
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Contact List

A list of campers in your group with each contact details, confirmation and payments.

Planning Section

Lets you gather information about your Camping Sites, Trails, Restaurants, Transportation and other Point of Interests.

Map Mode

Visualize all of your planning items on the Map in Standard, Satellite or Hybrid Mode. Search for addresses or for any Point of Interests across the globe.

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Real Time Budget

Track your budget with a graphic dashboard showing the forecasted and actual expenses.

Pre-Loaded Packing Lists

9 pre-loaded packing lists sorted by type and packing location (Car, Bags, Bins Backpacks…)

Planning Timeline

A timeline linked to all your planning items, specially useful for a multi-legged trip.

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Customize it to your liking

Fully customizable sections so that you can adjust Pro Camping Planner to your needs


Share and Collaborate

Pro Camping Planner can be used from your iPhone and iPad and the data can be shared between multiple users in real time making it the ideal collaboration tool

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